Fresh and Inspired.

We are a group of young Life Events Photographers believing in the principle of drawing inspiration from an awesome God.

Our style of photography is light and airy with a modern feel. Love and Happiness are the main ingredients of our photos. We keep it real and comfortable. Personal yet professional.

Our team shares the same love for this craft that we use to capture the smiles and moments of our clients.

Puy Talde Photo is our Premium Photography Service. The packages here are managed and curated by yours truly. This caters to those who want professional services but with a personal touch. My style will always reflect my perspective of happiness and gentleness, translated into images that are light, vibrant and elegant.

RAW - Really Awesome Weddings is my second team composed of handpicked professional photographers. They deliver our core service which is to bring those light and airy, non-intimidating photographs which we have been known for over the years. RAW packages are leaner, more simple and are of great value for your investment.

Hashtag Hound - Social Media Photography. This team caters to companies, events organizers, PR groups and even weddings! If you have an event hashtag, Hashtag Hound will be your best partner. We do events photo coverage, posted real time on social media.


My style is somewhere between the traditional fine art photography and full photojournalistic approach. I love candids very much, but I also like people connecting to me by looking at the camera and giving their best smiles.

I do like to work with you and set you up where lighting and comfortable movements mesh perfectly to get that awesomely, just-right image.

I love smiles. My best photographs are those with people smiling or laughing or just having that funny absurd moment that only you and the photographer will ever understand.

I go for happy rather than wacky. But if wacky is your thing, and if it will make you happy, then I’ll be more than glad to take those shots for you. But don’t expect me to say the “W” word when taking group photos hehe

I don’t do complex poses. I can’t make you do things that I think would be very uncomfortable. If you check my website, count the variety of poses that I let my clients do. Not much huh? But I take pride in each and every photo that I take, and poses are just secondary behind lighting, emotions, and just being human in front of the camera. I have friends who can do poses very very well. You may want to check them out and see their portfolio online. 

I speak English and Tagalog. But most of the time, I use both in the same sentence. Some things are best expressed in Tagalog and some things are nicer to hear in English. I will stutter, I will blurt out things that don’t really make any sense, but we will enjoy the moment, have fun with it and take good photographs anyway. 

I am a very shy and introverted guy. I still use “Ü“ to smile on text message. Do you think we’ll click? Ü

Tell us your story and we hope to be part of it in the next chapters Ü


Hey! To know more about our team and shooting style, here is our gift to you!

The Puy Talde Photo Prenup Guidebook

Inside are some tips on preparing for your prenup photoshoot. Feel free to share this to your friends and fellow brides!

Enjoy! Ü

Puy Talde