Mary the Queen Parish, New World Hotel / Andre & Wella

2013 was a pretty laid back year for our photography team, but was full of blessings on the personal side of my life.  It was the year God sent us our little girl, and having less photography gigs allowed me to spend more time with my wife and our baby.

We were cocooned in our own little world, enjoying every minute with our dear little bundle of joy.  Barely out of her fourth month, we decided to bring her before God to officially mark the start of her journey as a Christian.  Incidentally, Typhoon Yolanda came on the same weekend as her baptism.  Although we didn't feel much of the typhoon's wrath in Manila, every television station showed how much devastation it brought to our country, particularly in the Visayas region.  Being new parents, our hearts broke at the sight of families being torn apart, babies losing their parents, parents losing their children.  

On any normal day, my wife, Chie, and I would've been right there in the middle of the massive relief operations.  But with her still recuperating from her Cesarean delivery , we thought there might be another way for us to help without being there physically.

Then came the Inspire Initiative.  A project put together by a wonderful group of people from the wedding industry, some of whom happen to be very close to our hearts.  Being in the wedding industry, you get surrounded by so much love at work that these people can't help but share that love at such an opportune time.

We pledged our services, and were fortunate to have had Wella book us for her wedding to Andre.  Everything was breezy with this wedding, from the booking to the wedding day itself.  Nothing but good vibes on that day.  I was also happy to have met their little girl, who they fondly call Maradorable (she really is adorable, I have to say).  Made me miss my little one terribly that I was raring to go home to my girls right after the festivities on Wella and Andre's big day. 

Wella, Andre, thank you so much for booking us and for being beautiful instruments of charity to our fellowmen at the time they needed help the most.  May God bless your good hearts, and may what you shared be given back to you a thousandfold.