We are Hashtag Hound! We are a company that provides professional photographers aimed to take snapshots of your events and upload them real time on Instagram! We utilize the new generation Wi-Fi enabled Camera Systems and smartphone cameras with the best optics in the market. If you have an event #hashtag, let’s fill it up with photos that will show how awesome your event is!

Almost everyone is on social media and we just want to maximize the power and reach of these tools to connect with your online community. Our Instagram accounts are public and whatever we post can be seen by everyone who checks your hashtag!

What can a healthy photo-social media presence do?
1. Social Media is the new Current Events. Almost everyone is online. If somebody wants to know something about a person, brand or an event, Social Media is the best way to go.
2. Hashtags organizes contents. Hashtagging concentrates all the needed and relevant information into readily available buckets accessible to your followers.
3. A photo is worth a thousand words. I could say “I had a blast at your party!!!” or I could take a photo of me with my 5 girl-friends dancing and looking oh so fabulous!

It’s real time visual gratification! It’s something your social media followers would surely love!

We know you hired the best events/wedding photographer for your day. And we’ll make sure they get first dibs and the best angles for all their shots. We’ll just be there to take interesting snapshots of your event and upload it real time for your friends, families, and social media followers to see :-)

Email us at HashtagHound@gmail.com or visit up on our Instagram account @HashtagHound. Looking forward to seeing on your next event!