sydney prenup, immaculate conception cathedral wedding / ecky and crystal

we first met ecky and crystal during our trip/vacation in sydney, where we also shot their prenup. when my wife told me their profile, both were working for one of the big, if not the biggest fashion houses in the world, i thought to myself.. "why me?" oh, i did imagine a catalog of photographers that i think would be best to equate the word "fashion". but lo and behold, when we saw them, they were the nicest bunch of people we have ever met. we shot parts of their prenup at ecky's home. crystal baked some cupcakes, we played with their lovely dogs and the mood was just so relaxed. we went to downtown sydney where we visited the LV headquarters. this is where they first met, thus you'll see a lot of LV details in this blog.

#fortheshyandrelaxed. i'll start the introduction of my brand identity with this blog. in future posts, i'll tell you how it started, why "for the shy and relaxed" is my way of reaching out to a specific group of clientele. shy and relaxed, this doesn't pertain to the look of my photos, posing style or editing workflow. it is the identity of the people behind the team and it is our guiding principle and motivation why we do wedding photography.

i'll also share my experiences working with these great couples!

for now, here some photos from ecky and crystal's prenup and wedding! enjoy!